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Questions & Answers

Q: Since HGH is so significant, why haven't I heard much about HGH before--and how can I use it?

A: The reason most people have never heard of HGH before is because its cost ($1000-$3000 plus per month) and its administration (injections by prescription only) have limited its exposure to the medical profession, the wealthy and celebrities. Only recently has a new proprietary technology allowed it to become available as a nutritional supplement.

Q: Is HGH safe? 

A: Yes. HGH has been used in the medical community for over three decades with success and has over 60 years of study. Normal HGH use has not been attributed to a single death. Edmond Chein, M.D., and L. Cass Terry, Ph.D., tested over 800 individuals over the age of 40 and reported in their 1995 study that when used correctly, HGH had substantial benefits and no side effects. Also, a very significant fact is that there were no reported cases of cancer among all their patients.

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